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Variable sit-to-side pull for maximum control and maneuverability. Constant pulling actions. 77" solid steel rod.



Calving Gauge

Attachable gauge shows exerted pressure when pulling a cald. Primary usage in pairs on Ratch-A-Pull or other double action pullers, or a single gauge for Stone Calf Puller or or single action pullers. Colout gradations from very safe (250-300lbs) to excessive pressure (over 400lbs). Universal bolt plates accommodate most units but may need modification.

One Man Calf Puller

One Man Calf Puller gives herdsmen and veterinarians just the right amount of leverage in an easy-to-use manual puller. With a simple design for quick application, our one mand puller lets you apply just the right amount of assistance for many calving situations.




Calf Weaners

Effectively controls sucking habit without dicomfort. Easily installed and removed. Bright plates, rust resistand. Prods are ling enough to remind calf, short enough not to injure. Conforts to muzzle and shaped to provent front or side approaches to udder. Will not interfere with grazing.

Daisy-Lifter Cowsling

To lift and support sick or downed cows humanely and safely. The cowsling is a cradle device, which is designed for use with a tractor front-end loader or other similar lifting device.