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The stakes are high at a livestock show. So when the judges are making their final decision, be sure your animal looks its best.

It takes a lot of work to get ready for a show - the right diet, training, exercise - and grooming. But Sarus takes the effort out of grooming with a full range of helpful products. Start with Livestock shampoo for a clean, healthy coat, and finish with a Show Luster for a winning shine.



Clear/Black Magic

Tames hard-to-hold hair, adds rich, full look - not a paint or lacquer

Show Foam

To control stubborn and unruly hair when preparing your animal for clipping . Grooms and trains hair. Enriched with color enhancers




Livestock Shampoo

Super concentrate. Effective cleaning action with small amount of water. Does not cause skin irritations or leave a residue. Popular with stockmen but ideal for all species, including show dogs and horses.

9" and 6" Standard Grooming Comb

The traditional favourite among stockmen. Long rounded teeth for quick, smooth combing, superb hair separation. Will not cut or pull the hair.



Sheep Trimmer

Snips designed for trimming toes of sheep and goats. With heavy-duty leather holder that straps through belt.

Rice Root Brishes

Hand crafted from natural rice root, it's the cattle-groomer's favourite brush. The brush does make a differance. Long life, firm brush strokes.



Hoof Knife Set & Case

Specially designed blades for all hoof-care chores, packed in a quality leather case.