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Socorex Syringe

Always give the right dosage with this self-refilling syringe with spring loaded plunger and 3-way valve. Available in six capacities (0.5ml to 20ml) to meet all your vaccination needs.



hog   Hog Slapper Tattoo

Hog Slapper Tattoo Ink Pad

4" square metal box with handle and foam pad.



Tattoo Ink

Produces crisp, ling-lasting tattoo marks.

Ear Notcher

Available in small, medium and large. Choice of V, U or square die cut. Heat treated cutting plate for long life and clean cuts. Individually hand-fitted and tested for precision tolerance.



Deluxe Tooth Nipper

The best niper available lets you clip needle teeth precisely and quickly. Precisely ground leaves clean edges. Spring opperated action.

Hog Holder

Toughest hog holder on the market! Quickly snares and holds any weight hog. Aprox. 25" long.