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I am Mick Malloy, Marketing Consultant for Sarus Pty Ltd, a family owned and operated Australian Company based in Forbes. At Sarus we Import and Distribute a range of Products from Leading Manufacturers including;

  • AZA International
  • Agritech
  • Stone Manufacturing
  • Cummins and Son
  • Moly Silencer
  • Carfed Plastic

 As the Importer and Distributor of the above Product Range it is our intention to provide you our customers, Products of World Best Practise in the areas of Quality and Safety, and for these reasons we have chosen the above listed Products and Manufacturers to form the base of our business.

Over the coming months we will be introducing you to products from our range that we believe can assist in helping you achieve efficiencies, safety and improvement in the areas of Animal Performance, ease of husbandry and hopefully an improvement in the Bottom Line for your operation.

Accompanying this introduction is the Stone Manufacturing Product Range that we believe can assist you with your livestock husbandry practises. Stone are a leading manufacturer and designer of innovative and practical equipment for everyday use with livestock. Stone have been manufacturing livestock equipment for over seventy years with a total commitment to Quality and Safety for both the Operator and the Animal. We look forward to servicing your requirements for Stone or any of the other products in our range.

Welcome to Sarus.

Stone MFG Catalogue (PDF)